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Goodfellers Tree Service Inc. offers all tree care related services to protect you, your property & your trees. Our skilled professionals use the best equipment & producst. As long standing members of TCIA (Tree Care Industry Association) & ISA (International Society of Arboriculture), we adhere to top industry standards.  We maintain the highest safety credential in the industry as CTSP's (Certified Tree Care Safety Professionals #1661). Our Certified Arborist (#MA-4633A) will answer your questions & provide important insight & perspective you may not have considered.  Often, your trees are fine & need no treatment & we are obliged to walk away.  Educating our clients for FREE is our objective to save trees, establish long term, healthy relationships with our clients and their trees.  WE KNOW YOU'LL BE BACK.  Trees are our passion.  We love what we do...   



Once our Arborist identities an issue whether it be external, internal, acute or chronic, we can often immediately begin a treatment plan that may or may not require return visits or long term treatment regiment.  Though we are able to treat a wide array of issues, our focus (due to its prominence in our area) are Pine Bark Beetle infestation, Fire Blight on Pear, Ash Borer & Deep root & bark injected fertilization to re-invigor stressed trees & woody plants.  Pesticide license required & maintained per Virginia regulations.



We provide consulting advice and experience for your commercial and residential clients by a Certified Arborist #MA-4633A.

Diagnosis & Treatment: 

Diagnosis any current or potential problems with your trees. Determine what treatments or procedures are needed to keep your trees healthy. Ensure that common invasive pests and diseases are kept in check for your trees. Each program we provide for our clients are personalized for their tree species & property needs.


Provide the proper nutrients based upon soil conditions, site conditions, location and tree & landscape requirements to keep your trees healthy.

Tree Trimming/Pruning:

Provide proper industry standard trimming, crown reduction (no topping) and vista pruning for shade trees, ornamental trees and other landscape plants and bushes to maintain health, aesthetics, tree growth, tree strength, proper clearance from buildings, houses, wires and roof tops, and to reduce and minimize the risk of storm damage.

Tree Removal: 

Hopefully a last resort.  If elected we will adhere to industry standards and practices to ensure safe and efficient removal of your trees with minimal impact to the surrounding environment.  Our absolute #1 priority is employee safety and protection.  You will never observe a safer, more efficient operation than ours!

Storm Damage:

Remove broken and damaged limbs and restore the tree's natural shape. If necessary, complete tree removal for trees devastated by storms such as uprooting or splitting. We also assist in property cleanup.

Cabling & Bracing:

Provide support for trees which may have been weakened by storm damage, have internal weaknesses or to mitigate tree problems due to improper pruning in the past.

Stump Grinding or Removal:

Using a grinder, we break down the stump of the tree. We grind 4 -6 inches below the ground level, which allows you reclaim your landscape for other uses.



Crane Service (Tree Work Only)

Excavating, Grading & Clearing

Demolition & Disposal  (We really like to destroy stuff on purpose!)

Excavator, Backhoe & Skid Steer Work

Commercial Snow Removal