Documented 5 Star Google Review
Andrea Schlang, January 2019
“Goodfellers responded quickly and gave us a great quote. We had to reschedule a couple of times due to equipment issues and weather, but once they arrived they were very efficient to take down a large tree near our house. They cleaned up the yard when they were done. I would call them again for any additional tree work that we might need.”

Documented 5 Star Google Review
Susan Collins, November 2018
“Goodfellers is a highly professional outfit that is always responsive; expert services are provided each and every time. Over the years, Goodfellers has worked on many trees on our property, to include very large oaks, some which were in tricky locations. We have always been highly satisfied with the jobs done, from start to finish. We call Goodfellers every time we have a tree issue and highly recommend them!”

Documented 5 Star Google Review
Luis Rodriguez-Cortes, November 2018
“Early this year I contacted them to remove 3 additional trees, as I was getting ready to have another contractor install a retainer wall. Veronica was kind enough to set up an appoint for the same week and I was able to install the wall without any delays.
Thank you for your service.
A year ago:
They were very knowledgeable and professional. They did a good job bringing down two trees that stood 60'-70' tall in a safe manner. The owner came out and climbed a tree in order to trim out some limbs. The price was very competitive.”

Documented 5 Star Google Review
Nancy Sims, November 2018
“We have used this tree service for years and highly recommend them for any tree treatment and removal of your trees!!
On Aug 12th this year we had a micro burst which destroyed a lot of trees. Called Matt the next day because we had trees blocking our drive and he came out the next morning and removed the trees from the drive. Matt gave us a quote to remove the rest of the damaged trees and more importantly the tree on our roof.
Matt and his crew are very professional and expert in removing trees with a great deal of care and clean up. His quote was very reasonable and fair. I would not use any other tree service and recommend him for your trees.”

Documented 5 Star Google Review
Anne Soybel, November 2018
“We have been using Goodfellers Tree Service for 15 years for all of our tree trimming/removing. We recently had two large front yard trees thinned out to allow more sunlight to nourish the grass. We also had two cherry trees trimmed and treated for fungus. The team arrived on time and worked hard to accomplish all they had said would be done. My husband and I were totally satisfied with the work completed and the manner in which it was done, including final clean up. We will contact Goodfellers for whatever tree issue pops up should, too!
Larry and Anne Soybel
Stafford, VA”

Documented 5 Star Google Review
Craig c., December 2017
“We needed 2 tall poplar trees cut down. They came out quickly and did exactly what we wanted. Price was very fair. Would definitely recommend to others. Kay S.”

Documented 5 Star Google Review
Mustang GT, December 2017
“I had Goodfellers tree service remove two large trees from my property and haul the wood away.
The removal process went according to plan and the job was done in a professional manner as they cleaned up the area as promised when they were finished taking down the trees.”

Documented 5 Star Google Review
Wolfram Birkenbeul-Hesse, November 2017
“Matt and Company were here even before our appointment to get a 60' dead hickory out from my front yard that was threatening to fall on our house in high winds. They were so fast! Got it out, disposed of the wood, and were out of there within 45 minutes. Goodfellers Tree Service Inc. is an extremely professional outfit.”

Documented 5 Star Google Review
Steve Purkeypile, November 2017
“Excellent job! It was so easy and I will definitely use them again! Thanks Goodfellers.”

Documented 5 Star Google Review
Charlie lanks, October 2017
“Fast, reliable, and excellent service. Repeat customer.”

Documented 5 Star Google Review
Stephanie D., October 2017
“I got pricing promptly on about 8 trees and they were able to get the main tree removed within just a few days. The workers were very polite and did a great job. Will definitely use them in the future.”

Documented 5 Star Google Review
Katherine Ernhart, October 2017
“Less than a week from estimate to work completion. Did what they said and gave a fair price.”

Documented 5 Star Google Review
Mark Wagner, October 2017
“I wanted 4 trees removed. I went online put in a request. Matt called me on his way home from vacation on a Friday. I had the quote the next morning. I had to change my plans due to the Homeowners not letting me remove the trees. I asked for another quote, again I had it the next day. They cleaned up and removed dead limbs and canopied 8 tress. It looks amazing. I would highly recommend then to everyone!”


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