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Landscape companies and general contractors are not insured to do tree work.  One rule of thumb.  If the business name does not contain the words "Tree Service" or "Tree Company", they are not insured & their employees are not medically or loss wage protected to perform any class of tree work, especially removals!

Tree Company Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation are hands down THE MOST EXPENSIVE insurance any business in any industry can purchase.  Tree businesses are in the highest risk classification there is!  More dangerous than iron workers, coal miners, high angle window washers, & logging!

For this reason and this reason alone, it is imperative that tree owners protect themselves & their property by verifying ON THE PHONE WITH AN AGENT that coverage is in effect.


  • Request a "Certificate of Liability Insurance" from the company providing the proposal.  (This is a standardized form that is the same for all contractors in Virginia).  The company should be able to readily produce this form for you

  • Call the phone number OF THE ISSUING AGENT/AGENCY at the top of the certificate or Google the company

  • Authenticate active policy from the insurance carrier representative BY PHONE.

If the tree company's price seems to good to be true, IT PROBABLY IS, & there's a reason for that.

It's VERY COMMON for a tree company to purchase a policy, pay the first months premium and not pay on it again thus letting it lapse.  The whole goal... they still have an insurance certificate that says their policy is valid for 12 months!  They then us that certificate to show to their potential clients to fraudulently secure work they otherwise may not have been awarded!

At Goodfellers Tree Service Inc., we provide you (along with your proposal):

  • a copy of our Insurance Certificate with policies & policy numbers & effective dates

  • a link to our local agent and contact information

  • a link and contact information to the Insurance Company issuing the policy