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Goodfellers Employees Train with 3 Time INTERNATIONAL Tree Climbing champion Mark Chisholm At the 2014 TCIa Tree expo in HARTFORD, ct!

More Than just a Tree Service 
  • Certified Arborists
  • Certified Tree Care Safety Professionals  (CTSP)
  • Members Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA)
  • Members International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)
  • Insured Liability/ Workers Compensation

If removal is necessary, rest  assured our trained & knowledgeable staff can remove the largest & most dangerous trees with the greatest of ease.  Pull up a chair at a safe distance & be entertained! 

A tree in decline isn't always destined for the mulch pile.  There are numerous tools at our Certified Arborists disposal to diagnose, treat, and often save a tree under stress. 

Arborists do more than simply cut down trees.  Arborists are stewards of trees. We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable to our clients, so they can make an informed decision on what route to take with their trees.  Yes, trees can be dangerous... but more often than not, a cared for tree can truly add beauty & value to your landscape, providing shade, aesthetic value, wonderful habitat & many years of service. 


Trees help to warm your home in the winter by deflecting wind. Trees help cool your home & reduce cooling bills in the summer by providing a canopy of shade to all or parts of your home.  


At Goodfellers, We thrive on the challenges that trees in our area face.  We go to great lengths to ensure we are attuned with industry standards & are constantly integrating new technology to protect both your trees & our employees.


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  • Stump Grinding or Removal
  • Tree Removal, Pruning, Diagnosis, Treatment, Cabling, Bracing
  • Crane Service (Tree Work ONLY)
  • Excavating, Grading & Clearing
  • Demolition & Disposal
  • Erosion Control & Drainage Solutions
  • Topsoil, Fill Dirt (Deliver & Spread)
  • Dump Truck Hauling
  • Gravel Drives & Construction Entrances
  • Excavator, Backhoe & Skid Steer Work
  • Commercial Snow Removal

Certified Arborist # MA-4633A 

Certified Tree Care Safety

Professional #1661

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King George


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 Take Comfort In Our Experience

Nursing 3 baby squirrels from a large pruning job to release once independent.  They were nicely hidden away in the hollow of a large decayed limb.  We found them once the limb was removed.  No injuries!